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Ben Zephaniah

Black History Month - posted 14th Oct

As we continue to go through the month of October (the weather is starting to get colder I feel) we continue to raise awareness of Black History Month with our children. In assembly this afternoon, I shared with all pupils the video of Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem ‘What do people need?’. If you have never heard of it or want a reminder of his amazing words they can be found in this video. Zephaniah is a British novelist, writer, musician and actor who, when he was at school, couldn't read or write. This was because he is dyslexic. It was only through the encouragement of another teacher (when he was taking adult education classes) that he was able to deal with this previously perceived ‘barrier’ and then became one of the most celebrated and children’s favourite poets of a generation. The poem talks about how people need each other in this world and as such we should encourage one another to be kind to each other. This ties in beautifully with our focus for the week on our Magnificent Seven (Encourage someone else)

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