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Curriculum Information

The Seven Fields Primary School Curriculum has been designed around our vision and with two main drivers. The first of these drivers links directly to our vision above and our ambition to ensure that our children leave Seven Fields Independent, Confident and Resilient. The second is our desire to give our children the wider opportunities they may not be able to experience otherwise. These experiences were developed and agreed by staff using the DfE’s Activity Passports. We endeavour to facilitate children experiencing these opportunities through our curriculum and where we cannot deliver them in this way, we will provide them as extra curricular activities. We will develop our children’s cultural capital! It is our aspiration that we use our curriculum to help us to prepare our children for the next step in their education and give them the foundations needed to be a successful citizen of the modern world. 


We have ensured that our curriculum is right for the children in our school. At the heart of our curriculum is the National Curriculum. We have identified the'Key Content' for each subject and have used these to create learning sequences that work towards a definitive end point, whether that be the end of unit or transfer to the next key stage. The curriculum we have designed will be highly inclusive; catering for the needs of all learners. We will provide an environment where all learners enjoy their education and where children make very good progress in all subjects and areas of learning. Pupils at all levels will be helped to achieve their potential. Those who are most able will be challenged through appropriate extension activities that widen and deepen their understanding of subject matter. Those who need extra help will be encouraged and given targeted support to embed knowledge; to develop at their pace or, simply to learn in a style that best suits their individual needs.

In Early Years, our intent is to provide a curriculum which values and promotes all areas of learning. In the early years of the Foundation Stage we focus on the prime areas and move on to the specific areas when the children are ready.

It is our aim that we create an environment of learning and discovery. Provide children with ‘awe and wonder’ moments whenever we can so as to stimulate exciting, engaging and enriched learning experiences that infect our school community with curiosity and the unending love of learning. As a school we demand nothing but the best for our children and, through our curriculum and its delivery, we will ensure our children get the best possible learning we can provide for them. They will want to learn. They will want to be curious and find out more. They will be Independent, Confident and Resilient young people who will strive to achieve their very best at all times!