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Young Carers

The Young Carers meet up together every month in school. Its a great chance to have some quality time together to have fun, and to meet other Young Carers in the school.

Seven Fields Primary School will:

• Provide Young Carers with opportunities to access support from staff where they can meet someone in private. We will not discuss their situation in front of their peers.

• Appreciate that Young Carers will not discuss their family situation unless they feel comfortable. The young person’s role will be acknowledged and respected.

• Treat Young Carers in a sensitive and child centred way, upholding confidentiality.

• Ensure Young Carers can access all available support services in school. This can be on a 1:1 basis with key staff, as well as to be invited to attend a monthly Young Carers after school club.

• Provide staff access to information to enable them to recognise indications that a child has a caring responsibility.

• Include methods of regularly evaluating the effectiveness of policy and support( in addition to meeting OFSTED requirements)



Young Carers In Action

September 2022: A big welcome to our new Young Carers who have joined us this term

Over the last few months within our Young Carers clubs we have begun to venture into the colder Autumn months.

We had great fun exploring our outside environment with an Autumn scavenger hunt, scrunching through the multitude of leaves, twigs and fir cones, as well as discovering several creepy crawlies along the way. The Young Carers then turned their findings into Autumn crafty collages.

Last month we had fun baking some spooky Halloween cookies, and we are all looking forward to seeing what the next few months brings us as we move into the Winter months.

matthew     lexi     

bailey     annie



Young Carers