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Young Carers

The Young Carers meet up together every month in school. Its a great chance to have some quality time together to have fun, and to meet other young carers in the school.

Seven Fields Primary School will:

• Provide Young Carers with opportunities to access support from staff where they can meet someone in private. We will not discuss their situation in front of their peers.

• Appreciate that Young Carers will not discuss their family situation unless they feel comfortable. The young person’s role will be acknowledged and respected.

• Treat Young Carers in a sensitive and child centred way, upholding confidentiality.

• Ensure Young Carers can access all available support services in school. This can be on a 1:1 basis with key staff, as well as to be invited to attend a fortnightly Young Carers after school club.

• Follow child protection procedures regarding any Young Carer at risk of significant harm due to inappropriate levels of caring.

• Provide staff access to information to enable them to recognise indications that a child has a caring responsibility.

• Include methods of regularly evaluating the effectiveness of policy and support( in addition to meeting OFSTED requirements)

• To invite Swindon Young Carers to come into school once a year to share information to children and staff in school assemblies

Young Carers In Action


Young Carers