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At Seven Fields Primary we use the White Rose Maths Scheme to support our teaching and learning of mathematics, in line with the National Curriculum.

White Rose Maths provides lesson sequences for learning that build on knowledge throughout the year and the knowledge children will have from previous years. The learning is broken down into small steps for each area, to ensure manageable learning chunks for the children. Seven Fields Primary School follows White Rose Maths Scheme's Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach. This means that we have invested in a wealth of resources to support the children in their learning; from multi-link cubes, base 10 cubes and counters through to fractions walls and percentage wheels, children of all abilities have the opportunity to use resources to support and deepen their understanding. 


The skills learnt in each Year group are built on in the children's learning in following years. To see what your child should be learning in each area White Rose have released a Progression Map. This is broken down by area of learning and shows the expected outcomes for each year group.


White Rose Maths provides planning overviews for each Year group. This shows what area of learning the children will be doing at different points in the Year, and roughly how long each topic is expected to last. Our teaching and learning is however adaptable. If a class are struggling with a concept, longer will be given to ensure their understanding; equally if a class have grasped a concept with ease the lessons will be progressed through at a quicker pace.