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A Message for Year 6 from Mr Booth

Dear Year 6 Parents, Carers and Pupils


I am writing to inform you of my decision to allow for the wider opening of pupils at Seven Fields Primary School. 


As you are aware, we have been able to offer your child a place at school for the last two weeks despite the problems we have been having with the school roof. It has always been our intention to open more widely for all pupils and as such, we intend to bring back other year groups to give them a head start prior to the end of term. It is my intention to invite those year groups that have had no schooling since March to attend before the end of this academic year therefore, the last day for Y6 attending this school will be Friday 3rd July.


I am disappointed this cohort of pupils did not get their chance to shine at their SATs this year. I know as a group you have been working hard to practice and improve. All that hard work will not have gone to waste as from September, you will need it in order to make a positive start to your secondary school careers.


I have enjoyed knowing and working with you albeit for just over 12 months and I have enjoyed seeing you develop into the responsible young adults you have become. We don’t want this year to end flatly and as such we have a lot of activities for you to enjoy over the next week. This will culminate in a virtual online gathering of us all on Friday 3rd before you leave this school for the last time. To this end, Miss Peapell will write to you with a special task to complete. Although this is a sad time it is also important that we make sure that you end your schooling here in a celebratory manner.


I hope to catch up with all of you before the end of the year.




Mr D Booth