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Our term 5 topic is 'Once upon a time'. 

Our term 4 topic is ANIMALS!

In art we have been learning how to mix watercolours, use water and layer colours to make colours lighter and darker and control our brush strokes using an appropriate size paintbrush. 

Michaels painting x1IMG 20210223 143745

During the first two weeks of English - We have been familiarising ourselves with 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl. 

We have been planning and acting out our plans, creating wanted posters and writing stories. We have also been looking at different sentence types and expanded noun phrases as well as practicing adding different suffixes to root words. 

Matilda wanted poster Laylas wanted poster x1Dylans wanted poster Amazing Sparrows actors being super confidentIMG 20210223 102702IMG 20210223 105022


Our term 3 focus is SPACE

English with a history/science link

 During our English lessons we spent two weeks on writing a non-chronological report about Tim Peake. Here is some of the work that Sparrows produced...

IMG 20210131 171008

IMG 20210131 171043IMG 20210131 171104

IMG 20210131 171125IMG 20210131 171202

IMG 20210131 171247IMG 20210131 171312

IMG 20210131 171342IMG 20210131 171430

Well done Sparrows for working so hard :)

A couple of Christmas activities...

We created our Christmas calendars and Christmas cards using 'print', which is what we have been learning in art this term.

We decorated some biscuits to take home with us on the last day of school :)

IMG 2966


IMG 2941














We practiced our nativities songs and lines and we filmed this for everyone to see.

IMG 2897IMG 2836


We created our own Christmas hats for our Christmas dinner. Whilst we had our dinner we listened to the nativity song that we had been practicing too!

IMG 2866IMG 2882

Our term 2 focus is THE POLAR EXPRESS

This term in English we have used the polar express as a hook for writing. We have recapped using full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks, question marks as well as how to use the suffixes '-er', '-est' and '-ly'. We have learnt how to use commas for lists, apostrophes for contracted forms and add the suffix '-ing' onto root words. We have also been learning how to write our own questions, exclamation sentences and commands as well as writing sentences in the past progressive. 

This piece of writing was an independent letter to Sam. (Sam is the best friend of the boy on the train)...

IMG 2757


This term in Maths we have focussed on adding and subtracting using column method, money and multiplication.

We have also introduced an arithmetic lesson on Fridays where we do a 5 minute test. The children need to work quickly when adding or subtracting. 

Using these 5 minute tests have helps the children think about their own learning. They peer mark afterwards and can see what they can do well and what their next steps in learning are. We cover their next steps in the same lesson so that they can see how they have progressed and gain a sense of achievement :)

IMG 2652 IMG 2659


This term in French we have been learning how to greet someone, how to listen, pronounce and read numbers and days of the week as well as find France on a map and try some typical French foods...

IMG 2826IMG 2799IMG 2776IMG 2806


We had a computing day this term where the children were writing a journal in pairs focussing on finding the keys on the keyboard, using the space bar, using the backspace bar and pressing enter. They also worked on Numbots during maths and learnt how to copy and paste pictures into a word document. 

IMG 2971

 As one of our passport activities we finally went for a walk in the rain! :)

IMG 2726


Our term 1 focus is SUPERHEROS

IMG 2950 2IMG 2644 2

This term in English we used Traction Man as a focus for writing. In Maths we focussed on place value as well as addition and subtraction. 

Our Science was 'Healthy me' and we enjoyed categorising foods into different food groups, designing and making our own healthy snack and thinking about what we would choose to eat. We also learnt about what happens to our muscles, heart and brain when we exercise and eat well. We also spoke about how to stay safe on a bike and created our own helmets of our eggs. 

IMG 2622IMG 2597IMG 2527

 This is one of our favourite warm ups in PE...

ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS (with your body!)

IMG 2493


In Art we learnt about Andy Warhol and why he created art the way that he did. We learnt how to draw lines with purpose, being as careful as possible as well as how to choose contrasting colours as he did so that the art would stand out. In DT we designed and created a superhero mask and after evaluated it. 

IMG 2557IMG 2504