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Welcome to our Nursery.

We have 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds in our classes. working with experienced staff.

Although Covid has limited some of our activities, we have been very inventive and we provide an exciting and interesting environment for all the children. Our aim is provide learning through play, activities and adult interaction. 


During Term 1 we got to know the children. Some children had been with us before, but they all needed to familiarise themselves with our new routines and the Nursery environment. Our school is an 'Early Adopter', so we are following the new 'Development Matters' guidelines.

We talked about

  • ourselves
  • our senses
  • feelings
  • our families


We also focused on Harvest and Autumn and we counted in Maths, as well as using Mathematical words such as bigger, short and tallest. We painted, used scissors, played with water, explored both inside and outside and did many other activities.

The children are becoming more confident and have had to show more responsibility than in previous years, due to the restrictions preventing parents from coming into the Nursery. We are proud of them all!


Term 2 is all about Celebrations.

We explored different celebrations including Guy Fawkes night, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas and quite a lot of birthdays. There was a variety of weather conditions and we were all aware of the need to wash our hands, particularly because of the virus.

Our Advent calendar introduced us to numbers and being patient when others had a turn to open the window.

The afternoon children had an unexpected visit from a police car and the police. They kindly let us look around their car, sounded the siren and had a brief chat.

Later in the term Santa arrived with his sleigh (although the reindeer were resting so it had to come on the back of a car). We were so excited! We had a Christmas Jumper day - looking at all the designs - and a party. It has been fun!



Term 3 has been different, due to Lockdown. We started with a few children but as we opened, so more children began to arrive. We finished the term with about two thirds of our registered pupils in the Butterfly and Caterpillar classes. Each week we have provided daily online themes and ideas for those staying at home.

This term we have concentrated on stories such as Stickman, Room on the broom, Elmer and Owl Babies. Each story has helped us develop extended conversations and introduce new vocabulary. During phonics we have begun to find rhyming words and blend some sounds. In Mathematics we have focussed on numbers to 5, subitizing (quick recognition) of small numbers and more accurate counting. Our work on 2D shapes has involved identifying similar shapes in our environment, whether at home, on a walk or in school.

The home environment helped us engage with parents, as the children learnt about their own life-history, and we had a mental health 'emotions' focus too.

Celebrations formed a central part of this term, including New Year, Chinese New Year (with a dragon dance), Pancake Day (making pancakes), birthdays and Valentine's Day. We also did some delicious cooking for our snacks. The weather was varied, with some good winter changes to notice e.g. snow, frost, icicles.

A very strange term, but the children coped brilliantly with the inevitable changes. We are proud of them (and the parents who home-schooled too).



Term 4 is the traditional story term this year.

After a couple of weeks we welcomed back our 'home-schooled children and are pleased at how well we have all integrated again.

We have looked at stories such as Sleeping Beauty, The frog prince, the Three little pigs and the Gingerbread man, and heard lots of traditional stories during storytime. We are starting to retell the stories ourselves using props e.g. puppets, and use story language such as 'Once upon a time' or 'Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down.' The children have enthusiastically listened to these stories and joined in with the repeated refrains. 

In Maths we have looked at mathematical vocabulary, such as empty, heavier, taller, behind, and pattern. We are continuing to work with numbers to 5.

The weather has improved, with signs of spring, and flowers for us to notice. We have enjoyed finding out about different forces and materials for Science Week.

Celebrations this term have included dressing up for World Book day - that was fun! Mother's Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter - lots of opportunities to do different things.

All aspects are covered each term, with a big focus on communication and language and Personal, Social and Emotional Development this term.


Term 5 is concentrating on 'Growth'. 

We will be planting our own beans and sunflower seeds as well as other plants in our outside area. During spring we will watch buds open, birds build nests (if possible) blossom develop and learn about life cycles. We have tadpoles to observe too!

Our stories will include Jack and the beanstalk, The Hare and the tortoise, Kipper, Noah's ark and the Bear Hunt. This is also the perfect term to talk about non-fiction books. We will regularly revisit the traditional tales too.

This term we welcome more new children into our nursery, either moving up from the Caterpillar room or fresh to the school. The Caterpillars have quite a few new arrivals to keep them busy. Our aim is to make them feel welcome and settle quickly, with the help of the rest of the class. 

Our focus on speech continues in all areas and physical development is also highlighted. It is lovely to have some warm days when we can play outside without coats, scarves, gloves etc. Every week the nursery children spend a day focused on 'Outside Learning'.

In keeping with our 'Growth' theme we will start to talk more about the older children moving to school in September - gradually drip-feeding the idea in a casual way. We will all be learning about keeping ourselves healthy, to help us grow well!

Our Maths has a shape focus this term and our art is all about planning what you will create and colour-mixing.

We are looking forward to joining the school in celebrating special days such as Earthday, St George's Day and Jazz day. 

As always, we like to follow the children's interests and make the most of unexpected opportunities for learning.


Term 6

This term we get ready for changes - new classrooms, new teachers, new friends.

We celebrate Sports Day, a Teddy Bear's picnic and dressing up day. We meet the school guinea-pigs (Daisy and Jasmine) and learn how to stroke them and look after them.

We learn about all types of animals and consolidate the things we have learnt this year.

The year has flown by so we want to thank all our children and parents for their support during this unusual year. Well done everyone!