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Curriculum Information

Term 6 Learning

This term we will be looking at our local area in geography, in these lessons we will be looking at human and physical geography of Swindon.

In PE we will be focusing on agility and throwing and catching skills, we will use these in competitive games. RE this term will be focusing on Christianity, and how Christians show their commitment to god. We will be discussing the ten commandments in class and having debates.

In music we will be recapping what we have learnt this year, we will be looking back at all of the songs and skills we have learnt and performing them again.

Art will be a focus on drawing for this term, and we will also be having an art week on the second week of the term!

In PSHE we will be discussing how our bodies are changing and what happens during puberty. We will also be talking about conception, as well as reflecting on this year and what we are looking forward to in year 6.

French this term we will be able to talk about what we do on a weekend, we will hopefully be able to have a longer conversation in French and be able to write more indpendently, and playing lots of fun French games in class!

Maths this term will be looking at position and direction- being able to read and write coordinates and move them or reflect them on a grid. We will also be looking at converting units, for example changing centimetres into metres. And in English will be looking at and writing letters and poems.

Have a look at our knowledge organisers for this term