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Welcome to Wren's class page!


The teachers in this class are Mrs Crane and Mrs Baker, we also have Mrs Wood and Mrs M supporting us. 

Reminders for scheduled events every week:

Monday we hand RWI book back in.

Thursday RWI books go home.

Friday come into school wearing PE kits.

Friday new homework posted on Dojo

Everyday remember reading records and book-bags.

If your children would like tuck, this is available every morning for 30p.

Our Topic this term is Once upon a time.

Our story focus this term is Hansel and Gretel by Antony Browne.

Hansel and Gretel Anthony Browne


This term we will be becoming 'Little Gardeners'. We worked in groups to fill some pots with soil, ensure the surface was firm and even and then carefully sprinkle the seeds onto the soil. We will be growing some flowers (Called Sea of pink) and some lettuces. Click here to see our pots. We will need to ensure they are watered and looked after to grow into healthy plants. Keep an eye out to see how the seeds are doing!

In term 4 our topic was Animals!

We will be spending a lot of time working around the story Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl.




We have been making our own wanted posters. Have you seen this sly fox anywhere?

Tuesday English To create a wanted poster2. 2 Mar 2021 10 18 15 1IMG 20210302 101617 2Tuesday English To create a wanted poster. 2 Mar 2021 10 23 09 1

We thought really carefully about how one of the farmers would describe Mr Fox and what they would offer as a reward.

Our topic in term 3 was Space! 


In our English this term, we started looking at the book' Man on the moon (a day in the life of Bob)'. We used this book to write some amazing descriptions and a dairy. 

We have started to look at Tim Peake and create our own Non-chronological report on him. The facts we have learnt are amazing! Click here to see some examples. 


This term we have been thinking about how we can change materials by squashing, twisting, bending and twisting. We have been doing some amazing investigations and hands on learning. Click here to see a few examples of our amazing learning!

D and T

We have been designing and building our own space buggies. First, we designed our buggies, thinking carefully about the materials we would need. Then we attached the wheels and axles to the buggy. Finally we attached our decorations and features. Click here to see some of our amazing buggies!

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

This week we have discussed mental health a lot, with a focus on 'Expressing yourself'. One of the challenges set for the children was to make a poster showing something they do to express themselves and say how it makes them feel. Click here to see some examples of their work. 

Our Topic in Term 2 was Polar Express


This term we have been looking at how the railways have changed and focused on 2 key engineers who made these changes happen. George Stephenson and Isambard Kingdom Brunel - ask your children what they can remember! The children were so keen to learn more about the railways. 

IMG 0262 2IMG 0264 2IMG 0263 2


We have been learning about making prints this term. The children started by creating a background print with blues and whites, then they added a train print on top.

IMG 0260

Then they used these skills to help them create some beautiful christmas cards. They made their design and carefully painted and printed them, they were very excited to bring these home!

We had our Christingle click here to see more pictures. We worked really hard to learn our 2 songs and sang them beautifully!

File 005 3LolaFile 4


 We had so much fun at our Christmas dinner! Click here for more photos! 

 Dinnerdinner 2dinner 3

Our topic in Term 1 was Superheros!


In science this term we have been thinking about being healthy. As part of this we looked at helmets and how important these are when cycling or scooting. The children designed and made a helmet for their egg friends, it was then time to test out if they worked! The whole class had an 'eggs-ellent' time testing their helmets.

Click here to see pictures. 


We had lots of fun in our Music lessons this term. We listened to lots of different types of music from South Africa and the children really enjoyed finding the pulse in each song. We also had our first try at playing glockenspiels- the class were fantastic at finding the right notes to play intime to our song.


Wren's writing has really started to show improvement this term, we have been writing all about Traction Man making sure we used adjectives and adverbs to make it sound more interesting. We still need to remember to use correct punctuation in our writing but this too is making an improvement! 

We worked so hard on our Superheroes topic - doesn't our display look great! 

superhero display 2